Active Transport Cited for Excellence:Named One of the Best NYC Courier Services 2017 out of a Pool of 1865 Possible Choices*

*According to Expertise, an Independent Rating Organization

New York City is nothing if not a city of choices. There is an abundance of everything - from corner delis (literally on every corner) to personal and business services that aren't even available in many other locales. So when it comes to hiring a messenger and courier service in NYC, there are a plethora of players. However, caveat emptor -- the playing field is far from level.

Who can you trust with time-sensitive biomedical specimens, or your one-of-a-kind design prototypes, or your confidential and urgent legal or business documents? Will you be just another job number, another anonymous person on the phone, or will you be a valued customer, expecting and receiving the level of personalized service you deserve? If you are an office manager, your job could literally be on the line if you choose the wrong courier service. Why leave such an important relationship to chance?

Thanks to the independent review board at Expertise, you can be confident that it's not an empty sales pitch when we tell Active Transport NYC messenger service is among the vetted handful of New York messenger services named "Best of 2017."

Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce

How Active Transport was Chosen Among the Elite Group of Best Messenger Services in NYC

The independent review board Expertise scored courier services on more than 25 variables across five categories. They analyzed the results and based on the scoring, a few companies were "hand-picked" as best in the category.

Criteria for Selection as Best of 2017 Messenger Service NYC

  • Reputation : A history of highly satisfied customers and outstanding service.
  • Credibility : Proper licensing, accreditations, and awards
  • Experience : Masters of their vertical, with years of hands-on experience and education. (Active Transport is family-owned and operated since 1994.)
  • Availability : Highly responsive and approachable; service-oriented
  • Professionalism : Ethical, Respectful, Reliable

What our Customers Say:

Best Service in Town


Michael F.

I have used Active Transport for nearly 25 years. They have consistently provided me with great service. The guys (and gals) who work there (or have worked there) have always been professional and accommodating. Never once have had an issue. Their consistent Service is why I trust them with my package receipt and transport needs. Thanks Peter and the gang.


Charles S.

Active Transport is top notch! Their customer service is reliable and accommodating; I would recommend them to anyone.


Melissa D.

I used Active Transport for messenger service for the company I work with a number of years ago. They were always fast and reliable. The company recently moved and we forgot about Active Transport until a recent messenger need. We had called another local messenger and the cost was crazy. We remembered Active and called for a quote -- over $100 less Amazing, Pick up was super fast with really nice Couriers. We called late in the day, and had multiple boxes going out with an early time limit (the other courier wouldn't pick up until the following week). AT came and almost everyone received their packages that day no problem. The packages that would be delayed to the next day (no problem for us, we just needed them out of the office immediately) and they gave us a discount for the delay.


Red B.

I was sick, it was pouring and I needed to get a refill of my dogs cancer medication... they were kind, professional and expeditious. I highly recommend them and would use them again in a heartbeat.


Soledad M.

Active Transport Services Inc. has nearly 30 years of local experience in New York City and the New York Tri-state Metropolitan area. It specializes in rush and same-day deliveries as well as regularly scheduled routes. The firm has a focus on environmental responsibility; it makes use of the subway system and does not use large trucks unnecessarily. Active Transport Services' president, Peter Petino, has worked on opposing congestion pricing in New York City. Petino has served as past president of the NYS Messenger Association and on the board of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Active Transport Messenger Service NYC serves a wide variety of businesses in the New York Metro. Services include:

  • Rush Deliveries: by mobile messenger or courier van
  • Same Day Economy
  • Scheduled Route: The choice for ongoing prompt pick up and delivery of your package. Perfect for hospitals, large offices, institutions, retailers.
  • Exclusive/Extra Special Deliveries: When it's super-important, ultra time-sensitive or very fragile we're here to help expedite with extra special care.
  • Environmentally Aware: We strive to do our part to lessen our carbon footprint. We avoid using large trucks unless absolutely necessary to complete the job. Many deliveries within the five boroughs of New York City are easily and swiftly handled by our mobile foot couriers. They do not use buses, only subways.

We are proudly headquartered in Brooklyn, NY USA!